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What is Porta?

Porta means “gateway” in Latin. It is a blockchain project built on Substrate with the goal of giving everyone access to Web 3.0 products with a seamless and easy to understand experience for both new and seasoned blockchain users. Products such as decentralised finance, non-fungible tokens, peer-to-peer lending and also less common use-cases like social, business organisation, decentralised creator economies and more.

What is blockchain?

A blockchain contains information about transactions conducted within a given time period. Also each blockchain contains a unique identifier.

What is Porta's blockchain?

Porta's blockchain is a feature-rich, substrate-based Nominated Proof of Stake blockchain focused on simplifying user and developer experience.
The blockchain offers Governance, Staking and Privacy capabilities with 3-second block times. Users are able to create their own cryptocurrencies and smart contracts on the platform.
Multi-signature wallets and Proxy accounts add additional layers of security. Identity Management features are provided but do not have to be used.

What products will Porta offer to its community?

Porta will offer decentralised finance (DeFi) products, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the community and everyone else who wants to access these products in a seamless manner.

Where can I buy the Porta token ($KIAN)?

Currently you can buy the token on Bibox, PancakeSwap and MXC.

What is staking?

Staking means participating in a proof-of-stake (PoS) system to put your tokens in to serve as a validator to the blockchain and receive rewards.

How can I stake Porta?

We are currently revamping our staking to make it more rewarding and accessible to everyone.

What exchanges is Porta listed on?

Currently, Bibox, PancakeSwap and MXC. More exchange listings are coming soon.

Where can I get the latest news on the Porta project?

Sign up to our newsletter or join our Telegram announcement group for the latest updates.

What is a Testnet?

It is an alternative blockchain used by developers for testing.

What is a Mainnet?

It is an independent blockchain running its own network with its own technology and protocol. It is a live blockchain where its own cryptocurrencies or tokens are in use.

What is Web 3.0?

Web3 is the next step in the internet’s development were all your information and data is no longer help one individual companies that can have control over every aspect of your information in one place but your information is distributed across multiple services hosted by individuals with no motivation to control, manipulate, censure or sells your data.

And thanks to this new leap in technology it has created a range of new possibilities for new applications and services that could not have existed prior like NFTs and DeFi and that is just the tip of iceberg with what’s to come next.

Why did Kianite change into Porta?

The change is to realise the vision for making everyone benefit from the possibilities of blockchain technology. Whether you are a builder, creator, investor, enthusiastic about new tech or just someone looking to experience the web in a new way - Porta is building the future today.

Will Porta still have DeFi products?

Yes, Porta will offer its users decentralised finance products (DeFi) products, as well as a suite of Web 3.0 products.

What is staking?

It is locking tokens, in this case $KIAN, in a smart contract to earn tokens as a reward. The smart contract calculates the APR based token rewards on the amount you have staked and how long your tokens have been in the staking pool.

Are you doing parachain auctions?

No we are not. However we are open to exploring leasing opportunities with other projects to connect to our sector-specific parachains.

Does Porta have a whitepaper?

What is the new Porta structure?

Porta is a Substrate-based, Nominated Proof-Of-Stake blockchain network. It consists of a relay network along with custom blockchains networks connected to it. Each blockchain is sector-specific, built for fast-growing sectors such as NFTs, Gaming, DeFi and more.
Porta’s unique infrastructure design enables its ecosystem to maintain high performance while it adapts and scales to bring blockchain to the masses.Read more about it here

What is the tokenomics for the project?

The token distribution is broken down as follows:
Total tokens = 100 million

  • Team — 21.75%
  • Advisors — 3.75%
  • Seed — 10%
  • Private — 12.50%
  • Public — 2%
  • Ecosystem & Development — 15%
  • Liquidity — 2%
  • Network rewards — 33%